disaster recovery servicesDisaster Recovery Services – Recover in minutes from an IT outage with Mezobyte – providing continuous backup of critical applications, infrastructure, data and systems to the cloud.

  • We reduce risk and improve response time during unplanned critical events.
  • We protect your data with flexible, fast cloud-based backup and recovery.

Disaster Recovery Services – Protect Your Servers and Minimise Downtime

Disaster recovery services are designed to protect your business against any massive event that could affect your business continuity. This could be anything from extended power outages in your area, to a natural disaster that affects the entire country. When these things happen, you still need to be able to access all your server information, to keep your business running.

Whether you happen to have a physical server running at your office or you are using a Cloud-based solution, you need to consider what would happen if it ever went down? What measures have you put in place, to ensure your staff can keep working and you can still have access to sensitive and important company information.

Server-Side Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster recovery comes in many forms, but at the end of the day, it’s essentially a backup system that can be kept both on site or off-site. It could be an actual server kept at another location that is unaffected by power outages, it could even be a simple UPS, to keep your internet and servers going.

Although the second option is more of a business continuity precaution, it still goes hand in hand with disaster recovery, because it helps resolve any immediate issues you might have. Having a disaster recovery plan in place could save you the trouble of losing all your precious customer data, by allowing complete backups to be kept in case you need to replace any lost data during a disaster.

Important Questions You Need to Answer

You need to know where your server is actually located and how it’s connected to the network. You need to know where your backups are stored and how to access them in the event of data loss. If you don’t have anything backing up your data, then it’s time to put something in place.

You also need to know what data to keep. Any form of critical data pertaining to the functionality of your business, is where you need to focus. If you are uncertain of where to start then you can always get in touch with a disaster recovery services to help you put an effective disaster recovery plan in place that will ensure your business continues to operate when extraordinary circumstances arise.